Simple Ways to Update Your Space

It’s amazing how fast interior design is constantly evolving, so it’s no wonder it’s so easy to grow tired of your home decor. Everything from art prints, side tables, and furniture can go out of style year to year, but I want to let you know that, if you have the right foundation, you can easily spruce up your home or office with a few simple changes. Accessories are one of the simplest ways to upgrade without shelling out a fortune.

My first idea? Create an accent wall! It’s a simple change that can draw the eye to something new. Whether you decide to use wallpaper or hang a new art piece, making one wall in your room a different shade or pattern makes a big difference. Perhaps you can even incorporate a gallery wall for an added effect.

Don’t toss aside throw pillows. If your bedding or sofa is seeking an upgrade, adding throw pillows or recovering existing ones can lighten things up in any space and alter its entire appearance. Same rule applies with blankets and other accents. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of textures, prints, and shades to take a look at that can make a big difference in a little amount of time.

Change up your rugs. Now, this may seem like an easy one, but it can have the most significant impact on an office or room in your home. A rug can have an affect on any colour scheme, as well as be a great focal point. After all, it is typically the largest piece in any room.

My last suggestion brings a breath of fresh air to update your space: plants. Adding a little greenery can spruce up a boring living room and infuse your surroundings with some much-needed visual appeal. Plants add texture, shade, and frequent height to a room. Simply pick some up at your local nursery.

Well, there you have it! A little updating can go a long way to refresh your home. Whether you’re located here in Surrey, or are on the other side of the country, these simple tips are applicable to all locations. Stay on top of trends season to season and make small changes for a big difference. Contact me today for further information.  

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