How to Pick the Best Colours for Your Home

Did you know that paint colours can have the most significant effect on your room, while also being one of the most cost effective ways of updating? The tricky part is, committing to a new paint color can be terrifying for a lot of people. That’s where my decor services come in!

It might be a mistake that’s quickly remedied, but choosing a paint colour is still a struggle for a number of people. The truth is, people will often choose something that looks good on the paint chip, without considering what it will look like on all of their walls. Or they will wind up going for the safest option, which can often translate as uninteresting. With help from R.E.M. Decor, we can work together on choosing the best paint colours for your space.

From the latest trends to classic neutrals, I can equip you with the tools required to make a decision that you’ll be happy with for a long time! First of all, take into consideration the shape and size of your space and how much light shines through during the day. Choices can vary vastly for small and large spaces, as well as the furniture that is used in each. Also, take into account adjacent rooms and whether or not you’ll be carrying the colours through, or leaving them unique to each room. This is specifically important if you’re somebody who loves brilliant paint shades. Make sure your paint colors from room to space do not clash with each other, as this could actually influence the feeling of each space.

Most homeowners don’t properly examine their paint shades. Also, when you think you have picked the ideal shade, you should sit with it for a while it to make sure it’s actually a shade you could live with. I recommend you order a sample of a couple of colours you’re considering. You can use them in various locations of the space you’re going to paint and watch them from different angles at various times of the day. It may sound a little tedious, but it’ll make your decision much easier!

As you can probably tell, picking a colour for walls is a process. At R.E.M. Decor, I’m here to make your life a little easier, so if you’re having trouble with your selections, please contact my interior design company today and we can work together to ensure you get the right look and feel to your home!

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